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MAPME is launching its Community Strategy!

MAPME is a community-driven initiative to jointly develop tools and solutions that help to plan, monitor, and evaluate projects with the help of earth observation and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). It is supported by KFW, AFD, GIZ and IRD.​

With such goals, the question of communication and community engagement is key, as the backbone to create the relevant synergies amongst projects, institutions, and stakeholders in relation to geographic data. It takes the form amongst other things of the sharing of data, tools, and experiences to engage and expand the community.

Members from the Steering Committee of MAPME are delighted to announce the validation of the Community Strategy. A first workshop was conducted with KFW & GIZ at the end of December 2023 to map stakeholders and clarify the MAPME audiences resulting in a first draft of the Strategy. It was then fine-tuned after a workshop session to collect feedback from the MAPME Steering Committee constituted by AFD, IRD, GIZ and KFW. The Strategy was finalized and approved in March 2024 by all Stakeholders after final inputs from bilateral meetings with the various member organizations.

This strategy helps to present the more specific goals of the MAPME community during the Geo4Impact program (2024-2026). The Community Strategy will facilitate a better alignment of activities in all member institutions, ease the process for decision making and allow for concrete and rapid achievements towards the organizations. 

The Community Strategy consists of a streamlined communication strategy as well as a community engagement strategy. 


On the communication front​, the following measures have been established:

  • Amplifying the core values and messages of MAPME, 
  • Increasing the reach and engagement of other organizations,
  • Making communication more frequent and regular, with a broader audience ​,
  • Getting different people and organizations to contribute to MAPME newsletters and events,
  • Producing multichannel communication, benefitting by cross-fertilization of other communication channels, making sure that important messages are shared with all relevant audiences.​


On the community engagement front​, the following measures have been established:

  • Increasing awareness and trust concerning community achievements,
  • Fostering collaboration and developer contributions on open source MAPME tools & processes​,
  • Streamlining tools through the open-source approach,
  • Getting other stakeholders to contribute to the project, by giving feedback or sharing data, tools and approaches themselves, promoting initiatives connected to MAPME, mutualizing efforts​,
  • Promoting projects between MAPME community members.



All the work archived was supported by CartONG. 

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