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Say Hello to Our New Website!

Dear MAPME community,

We are thrilled to introduce you to the next chapter in our journey: the technical relaunch of our MAPME website. While our mission remains focused on providing free and open access to GIS tools and earth observation in international development cooperation, our platform has undergone a significant technical transformation to better serve our community.

Our commitment has always been to connect people worldwide, enabling them to harness the power of geodata in addressing global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and environmental degradation. Recognizing the ever-evolving landscape of international development, we believed it was paramount to ensure our website is not only informative but also interactive and easily accessible. That´s why we integrated a new Content Management System (CMS).

While there is little change for all of you who are interested in the project, there is a huge change for all collaborators. 

What does this mean for you?

  1. Dynamic Content: Our revamped website now allows all collaborators to participate actively. Whether it's sharing recent news, insights in blog posts, or detailed case studies, our platform is designed to accommodate and amplify diverse voices and experiences.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive design and clear navigation, you can now easily access the resources, tools, and information you need. Whether you're a researcher looking for specific data or a development worker seeking to understand the latest in geospatial technology, our website caters to your needs.
  3. Community Engagement: The heart of MAPME lies in its community. Our new platform facilitates better engagement, allowing members to share, comment, and collaborate more effectively. This is an essential step in fostering a cohesive global community dedicated to leveraging geodata for positive change.

In closing, we want to extend our gratitude to everyone who has supported MAPME. Your belief in the transformative power of geodata in international development has been our driving force. As we embark on this new phase, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating a world where geodata becomes an essential tool in shaping a sustainable and equitable future.

Warm regards,
The MAPME Team

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